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Female Athlete Nutrition

Sep 22, 2022

In this episode of the Female Athlete Nutrition podcast, I talk with an expert in the field of performance nutrition, Dr Michael Ormsbee. He also happens to be a previous professor of mine! We touch on Dr Mike's own sporting journey, beginning with ice hockey in high school and college, before getting into triathlons and cross fit more recently. Dr Mike is a leading researcher in sports and performance nutrition, and we hear how he works with elite athlete populations, including currently with elite female athletes using Whoop bands. We discuss the need for research in females and for better understanding the effects of the menstrual cycle and the unique female physiology on all aspects of performance.

This episode dives deep into the concept of pre-sleep feeding, busting the myth that eating before bed is detrimental. For both athletes and non-athletes, consuming protein close to bed can have metabolic benefits and increase muscle protein synthesis, especially when exercising in the evening. We touch on nutrient timing and nutrient priming for recovery. Dr Mike compares different protein types: whey, casein, other animal sources, and plant based protein, reassuring listeners that plant proteins can be just as beneficial, and to look for sources rich in leucine. Dr Mike recommends 40g protein before bed and shares his research into elite female athletes showing that the majority are missing the mark here. 

We emphasize the importance of ensuring you are consuming enough protein throughout the day rather than focusing specifically on timing. We debunk the myth that eating close to bed affects body composition, rather, type of training plays a much bigger role.

Dr Mike discusses his current and future research interests in female athletes, and we underscore the need for more of this research in women: Dr Mike is leading the way!

Follow Dr Mike and his work on Instagram @MikeOrmsbee and @FSUISSM 

Dr Mike’s Official Bio:

Michael J. Ormsbee is a Professor and Graduate Program Director in the Department of Nutrition & Integrative Physiology, the Director of the Institute of Sports Sciences & Medicine at Florida State University, and an honorary research fellow at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. He is also a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine, and the International Society of Sports Nutrition and is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength & Conditioning Association. His research expertise involves the interaction of exercise training, nutrition, and supplementation to improve metabolism and achieve optimal body composition, human performance, and health in both athletic and clinical populations. Dr. Ormsbee was honored as the 2014 FSU Teacher of the Year, 2017 Nutrition Researcher of the Year (NSCA), 2018 FSU Graduate Student Mentor of the Year, 2020 FSU Distinguished Teacher of the Year, and the 2020 Sport Scientist of the Year (NSCA). His course, “Changing Body Composition Through Diet and Exercise” is available through The Great Courses.

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