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Female Athlete Nutrition

Jun 9, 2022

This episode of the Female Athlete Nutrition podcast is a special Rise Up Nutrition Round Table discussion between my team and I. Our conversation is full of fun food stories and tangents from myself, my partner in crime and fellow R.U.N. dietitian, Jenna Stranzl, and my assistant and podcast producer, Ruby Wyles. Ruby shares her passion for nutrition, speaking to how her own experiences with eating disorders drive her to help others, as well as being a Division 1 student-athlete looking to optimize her performance and recovery.

We start by discussing some fun food stories, reminiscing about nostalgic childhood comforts and family favorites. Beginning with Jenna sharing about her mom’s macaroni salad, we compare olives and pickles, before going off on some wild tangents about sea cucumbers.

Family food memories often center around holiday celebrations, meals out and dishes made by others. For a lot of our clients and individuals struggling with their relationship with food, these times can be incredibly anxiety provoking as they feel less in control of their nutrition. We emphasize the importance of framing these occasions beyond the food: social connections and avoiding isolation. Sharing some more fun food stories, including a discussion on organizing a refrigerator, we speak about how encountering lots of food options, such as at buffets, schools/ college and group meals, can be paralyzing but also empowering. We advise listeners just to do their best navigating these situations, have self-compassion and to seek support from a dietitian.

Even as professionals in this field, we’re not immune to societal messaging about appearance and activity. We speak to cultural pressures for professionals like dietitians and athletes to look a certain way and train, for new moms to “bounce back” and lose weight, and for all women to conform to norms. We openly talk about where we’re at with our bodies, stereotypical beliefs we’ve overcome, and arriving at a place of acceptance, free from trying to change our bodies through diet and exercise. We remind listeners that our appearance does not define our identity, value, fitness or health: “fit” has no look and health can be found at every size. We can all be fit, fierce and fueled athletes, but that is not something you can judge based on appearance!

This episode touches on some sensitive and potentially triggering topics, and despite being professionals, we acknowledge that we might get things wrong! If anything we say affects or offends you, this was not our intention! Please reach out so we can apologize, learn and correct ourselves.

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