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Female Athlete Nutrition

Mar 24, 2022

In this episode of the Female Athlete Nutrition podcast I speak with former client and collegiate volleyball player Abby. Abby shares how identifying strongly as an athlete unintentionally led her down a path of underfueling as she looked to improve her athletic performance in high school. On into college, years of disordered eating manifested negatively in Abby’s performance and she experienced a constant lack of energy, prolonged muscle soreness, and repeated injuries that ultimately forced her into surgery and away from collegiate athletics.

We discuss diet culture, the lure of fad diets, clean eating, and the comparison trap over what a female athlete “should” look like: challenges that so many women and girls can relate to. Abby explains how restrictive eating constantly occupied her thoughts, isolating her from friends and family. After multiple injuries and surgery, unable to train at the high level she was used to, Abby came to Rise Up Nutrition looking for an alternative to her disordered mindset and, as part of our client community, found that she was not alone in her struggles.

Despite overwhelming fear and uncertainty about making nutrition changes and breaking food rules, once Abby committed to the Female Athlete System of Transformation (our FAST Track Program) she noticed huge positive energy changes almost immediately! Other transformations included improved GI symptoms, better focus, mental clarity, and recovery.

Abby describes the nutrition changes that have taken her to a new level in the gym, seeing incredible strength and power gains and greatly improved recovery. Beyond fueling for performance, we discuss fueling for life: even without our sports our bodies need enough energy! Mindset is a muscle and Abby has shifted her thoughts to fueling to win rather than to lose; Abby is no longer preoccupied with losing weight and eating, instead focuses on eating for improved health, happiness and performance - all gains that result from being well-fueled!

We touch on body acceptance and untying your worth from the way you look: our bodies are meant to change throughout life and health looks different to everyone.

Abby’s Official Bio:

Abby is a senior at a university in Montana. She played volleyball for four years as a 6-rotation outside hitter on the team, and was named captain her junior year. Throughout her volleyball career, Abby battled a shoulder injury, ultimately requiring surgery after years of frustration. Abby is currently studying health science and psychology with a goal of pursuing physical therapy school after her undergraduate education. Although her volleyball career has come to an end, she now trains daily to increase her strength and speed. Abby will be sharing her passion for the game coaching young athletes this summer using the volleyball knowledge and experience she’s been able to have as a college athlete.

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