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Female Athlete Nutrition

Mar 10, 2022

In this episode, I chat with soul alignment coach Meiyan Mullin. This conversation is a little different from normal and centers around alcohol. We discuss gray-line drinking and the middle ground between destructive alcoholism and having a healthy relationship with drinking. Meiyan explains how everyone has their own line and must accept for themselves if their drinking has become problematic. Gray-line drinking is highly prevalent in our society and it has become normalized to drink daily. Even if you don’t identify with the label “alcoholic”, Meiyan explains how many people would struggle to stay away from alcohol for a month. Why not give it a try for yourself?

This was part of Meiyan’s own drinking journey and she shares how pregnancy and being a parent motivated her to become alcohol free.

Meiyan and I talk about wellness culture and the different labels: “sobriety” vs “alcohol free”. We speak about the reasons people drink and how, like the role of food in people with eating disorders, alcohol is the rarely whole problem. Eating disorders and alcoholism are closely related, with one coping strategy and form emotional regulation often transferring into another. Drinking can act as a numbing tool to mask painful emotions and memories and provide short term relief, similarly to the role of disordered eating behaviors like restriction, binging and purging in individuals with eating disorders. Only once you remove the self-harming action can you truly heal the underlying issues.

At Rise Up Nutrition, our philosophy is that all foods fit and each macronutrient is essential to human life. However, alcohol is not an essential macronutrient and it is one energy source that does not have to fit in our diets. Meiyan explains the latest research on the carcinogenic and neurotoxic effects of alcohol and how there really is no safe consumption level; alcohol is a drug and any supposed benefits can be obtained through the food we eat without the harmful effects.

Alcohol affects men and women differently and Meiyan’s work with women targets the underlying trauma and emotions behind drinking. She explains how alcohol is rarely a topic of conversation, instead she helps her clients work through difficult emotions, find forgiveness and self-acceptance, and foster self-compassion and body appreciation.

This episode is not anti-alcohol and Meiyan and I pass no judgment on people who can drink without emotions being involved. 

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Meiyan’s Official Bio

Meiyan is your soul alignment guide and is here to help you live a more magical life. She is a yoga teacher, therapeutic touch practitioner, aromatherapy educator and healer. Meiyan's mission is to support women in stepping out from whatever has been keeping them small and oppressed in any way, to living their most satisfying life!

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