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Female Athlete Nutrition

Dec 2, 2021

In this episode, I talk with 4x Olympian and multiple time World and Olympic medallist Brittany Reese. We touch on her recent experience in Tokyo at the 2020 Olympic Games, and how she embraces different cuisines and foreign food cultures when frequently competing abroad.

Brittney speaks about the diverse athletic background she developed, pursuing team sports before finally specializing in track and field after playing collegiate basketball! From being encouraged by her mother to pursue collegiate track and field, to having her college coach persuade her to turn pro early, Brittney shares the importance of having people that believe in you and the power of role models.

Disappointment at the 2008 Olympics was the catalyst for Brittney exploring the role nutrition has to play in performance, seeking professional help from the on-campus sports dietitian. Brittney attributes her nutrition changes and gained muscle mass to huge leaps in performance, allowing her to maximize her potential. Brittney speaks about the normal fluctuations in her body composition and weight throughout the year, and how she prioritizes maintaining her muscle mass and micronutrient levels over a focus on “lighter equals faster”. Brittney’s success and longevity in track and field is testament to optimal and relaxed approaches to nutrition and recovery, and to her emphasis on fueling for performance and strength over leanness and looks.

Off the track, Brittney teases us with her passions for apparel design, coaching and giving back to younger generations. Looking to the future, Brittney talks transitions away from elite athletics to spending more quality time with her son.

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Brittney’s Official Bio:

Brittney Reese was born in Inglewood, California and raised in Gulfport Mississippi. She graduated from Gulfport High School as a state champion in both the long jump & triple jump. After high school she attended Mississippi Golf Coast Community College where she would play basketball and go on to earn Junior College All-American honors in the sport. Following her time there, Brittney took her talents to the University of Mississippi where she would truly find her calling in Track & Field and earn her degree in Entrepreneurship.

After Ole Miss Brittney goes on to become one of the winning athletes in US track & field history. She is an Olympic gold & silver medalist, and seven-time world champion, the indoor American record holder & she is 3rd all-time on the American outdoor list.

When Brittney is not competing on the track Brittney is a mother, philanthropist, sneaker head, gamer, coach, and fashion aficionado, and investor.

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