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Female Athlete Nutrition

Feb 11, 2021

Today’s show is extra special since it’s our first MALE guest on the Female Athlete Nutrition podcast and who better to interview than my own dad?!

Kevin Pfau (aka “dad”) is not only the father of 3 girls, but a great athlete himself, 14x consecutive Boston Marathon finisher, over 31 marathons completed with 15 faster than the BQ standard, a running coach, former hockey player and cyclist, lover of many sports, and my role model. 

It was so much fun to interview my Dad and hear his take on what putting three daughters into sport meant to him and how his outlook may have been different having daughters before his first son. At the end of the day, my Dad is a coach, and boy vs. girl it's clear he just wants kids to participate in sports and have fun. As we both laugh about in the podcast, he may not have the best nutrition advice, but we hear an interesting take on his experience with nutrition from growing up in the ‘60s and ‘70s where even drinking water during practice was seen as a sign of weakness. He might not be the picture of perfect nutrition, but he sure has come a long way!

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